Rockfish University and the Great Courses

Rockfish University is a high-tech educational space for your seminars, classes, meetings, conferences, and training sessions.

Now booking reservations–day, evening, and weekend availability! 


  • Multi-media projection capability
  • “SmartBoard” interactive whiteboard technology
  • Wide-screen HD television
  • Dedicated wi-fi
  • Comfortable and flexible seating for up to 30 participants
  • Reasonable rates/special rates for non-profits

Contact us to schedule your meeting, class, or seminar!

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Now Available at Rockfish University:  The Great Courses
The Great Courses (TGC) is a series of college-level audio and video courses produced and distributed by The Teaching Company.  The series differ from most online learning platforms in that they are produced for enrichment purposes only and offered without schedules, homework, exams, or certificates.  Most series are developed for adult lifelong learners. Courses are not verbatim recordings of college lectures, but rather are developed by The Teaching Company in conjunction with the professor to fit the chosen medium.

RVCC is pleased to offer a broad selection of CDs and DVDs on various subjects, including history, sciences and mathematics, religion, and the arts.  These Great Course offerings are available to RVCC members at no charge; simply contact us at 434-361-0100 or email to peruse the collection and check out the courses of your choice.

Click here to see a listing of available Great Courses:  10-18-17 updated Check Out Sheet Rock U Library

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