A SMILE GOES A LONG WAY!  This holiday season—or any other season—the gifts you buy can keep on giving!  RVCC is now a member of Amazon Smile, which means that 0.5% of any purchase made through Amazon Smile will be donated to our Community Center. All you have to do, dear shopper, is sign in to Amazon through this link:  http://smile.amazon.com/ch/54-1995069, and all your purchases will benefit the Rockfish Valley Community Center.  Or, if you find your way to Amazon Smile through some other route, please be sure to designate us as your preferred charity.

Amazon Smile carries nearly all the same products and deals that you would ordinarily get through Amazon.com, and RVCC will benefit from every purchase you make, year-round.  Please consider making this a part of your purchasing habits—it comes at no extra cost to you, but the cumulative rewards to RVCC can make a huge difference.


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